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18-19 Martin Luther King Day of Service

                                 The combined Service That We Provided in Just One Day
"Life's most persistent and urgent question is, "What are you doing for others?" -Dr. Martin Luther Jink Jr.

                                                        1316 Hours of Total Combined Service 

Meals Served

50 Sandwiches, chips, fruit & milk served to            homeless teens

35-40 Families Served Breakfast at Ronald McDonald House

Blankets Made

30 tie blankets cut for students to tie and donate

56 tie blankets tied/donated to Ore,/Springville Police Department.

36 Fleece tie blankets made

24 Flannel blankets made

28 quilts made

3 fleece blankets cut

27 Buddy Blankets for Tooele Women's Shelter

23 "no sew' blankets made

6 small baby blankets tied for Provo Hospital NICU

Crafts Created/Kits

40 Tissue Paper flowers created

18 no sew heart pillow kits assembled for Primary Children's

500 Crayons peeled from wrappers

2000 grocery bags cut into strips for homeless mats

118 Homemade cards for Catholic Community Services

292 Stars cut out

7 Book bags colored for Head Start (BYU)

6 Grocery bag mats crocheted

5 Beanies knitted (BYU)

24 Monsters made for hospitals and family centers

Food Collected & Sorted

1000 Various food items sorted

1,600 various food items sorted & shelved

110 Pounds of Dry Milk organize

300 Items sorted and shelved

Created 225 Food boxes and moved 500 items to storage; from the following items sorted, 45 cans of soup, 162 cans of beans, 58 flats of tomato soup, 9 lg drink boxes, 94 pkgs of Tuna fish, 102 cases of Ravioli, 19 boxes of pop-tarts + 51 single pop-tarts, 84 cans of corn, 24 cases of vienna sausages, 30 boxes of GOGO Applesauce, 94 boxes of p. butter crackers,4 boxes of popcorn, 20 pkgs of juice boxes. 

Cleaning Accomplished

Bountiful Food Pantry

1 Senior Center entire Kitchen cleaned

10 Rooms completely cleaned for the Crossroads Urban Center

1 Parking Lot shoveled for Crossroads Urban Center

Tooele Boys & Girls center cleaned and organized

Collected Items (Other)

18 Large garbage bags of clothing

9 Large bags of paper/plastic products collected


1 Large container of cat treats collected

3 Large containers of dog treats collected

29 dog toys collected

7 cat toys collected

44 dog toys made for Weber County Animal Shelter

210 Dog Toys made from old t-shirts

Kits Assembled
20 Art supply bags assembled
100 Kids Packs made
10 Hygiene kits made
125 Backpacks stuffed with stem kits, hygiene kits, snack bags, folder, binder, paper, colored pencils, markers, & glue sticks.
28 Blanket kits assembled for Tooele Women's center
210 Weekend food packs assembled
55 activity/coloring kits assembled
558 food kits assembled
50+ educational games cut out and assembled for Mountainland Head Start Pre-School.

Misc. Other
Assisted with BYU Blood drive

1 Blood drive set up with 8 donors helping to save 24 people
4 Blood donations made to the American Red Cross
30 Blood donations made to the American Red Cross (BYU) done
Grocery bags cut and organized for produce net bags.
18 elderly people' nails

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