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17-18 Martin Luther King Day of Service

                                 The combined Service That We Provided in Just One Day

                                                        1009.50 Hours of Total Combined Service

Meals Served

40 lunches Served

180 packets of cookies assembled

180 chocolate Blueberries bagged

96 Packages of pecan pies assembled

75 Packages of Whoppers assembled

350 snack bags of Girl Scout cookies assembled

Blankets Made

185 tied fleece blankets completed

17 quilts completed

29 Baby receiving blankets completed

48 Blankets tied.

Crafts Created/Kits

118 Rain Forest fruits sewn

27 doll buddies made

27 doll buddy gowns sewn

6 Stuffed animals made

6 Fleece dogs sewn

18 Para cord dog toys made

Food Collected & Sorted

1700 food items sorted

2200 lbs of food sorted

60 food bags assembled for children

1200 cans of Tuna unloaded

600 jars of peanut butter unloaded

3 car loads of food unloaded

Cleaning Accomplished

3 refrigerators cleaned

2 freezes defrosted and cleaned

1 Reach-in Freeze cleaned

1 Floor cleaned

2 Food Panties cleaned and organized

2 Bathrooms cleaned

10 Walls cleaned

6 Rooms cleaned and organized

1 Coffee station cleaned

Collected Items (Other)

1422 various hygiene kit items collected

6 skeins of yarn

Kits Assembled
30 Elderly specific hygiene kits
383 Hygiene kits assembled
100 Paper craft kits assembled
100 reusable hygiene kits

Misc. Other
155 Placards for PCMC
201 cards for PCMC
932 Dolls and bears made and repaired
1000 grocery bags rolled for homeless mats
1000 diapers sorted and packaged
35 file folders organized
162 craft kits assembled
12 Garden beds cleaned out
200 Toy cars built
80 Learning games assembled
1 Marketplace for underprivileged artisans to sell           goods
10 Pillowcases sewn
2 Blood donations to American Red Cross
8 Coloring books created
6 Chemo Pillows made.