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16-17 Martin Luther King Day of Service

                                 The combined Service That We Provided in Just One Day

                                                        1305 Hours of Total Combined Service

122 packages of underwear collected for
       Primary Children's Hospital
7 baby quilts made for Project Linus
50 reusable female hygiene kits
12 Loaves of bread
12 Cups of Honey butter
8 Thank-you notes
8 Baby blankets for emergency response
cleaned Bountiful Food Pantry
Prepared pantry boxes
45 blankets tied and donated to local schools
40 lunches provided at Ronald Donald House
30 Blanket sets for Christmas Box House
18 Crocheted headbands
50 hygiene kits made
200 books collected
65 shirts collected for homeless
50 bags of clothing collected
Misc. school supplies collected
20 toy cars sanded and painted
16 Anatomical dolls and gowns stuffed for kits
32 eyes sewn on and monster dolls stuffed for
6 Hats knitted for Road Home
6 Days for Girls hygiene
7 Beanies knitted
48 Valentine Craft Kits for Utah Valley Hospital
20 Love Bugs Kits for Utah Valley Hospital
44 Bookmarks for Utah Valley Hospital
22 Pipe cleaner snake kits for Utah Valley
3 Hats made
Collected all supplies for hygiene kits
68 hygiene kits assembled
280 partial hygiene kits assembled
29 Fleece blankets for Primary Children's

1 Quilt tied

300 bags of Plarn balls prepared

15 Plarn balls made

1 1/4 Plarn sleeping mats made for the homeless

2 receiving blankets for Hospital

16 pictures colored for Nursing Home

30 Breakfast meals for Primary Children's

     Hospital Family Room

1 Family Room cleaned

2 Game closets organized

40 towels folded

1000 clothing items sorted and organized for

         Road Home Midvale

150 food items sorted

20 donation boxes sorted

1 Storage room organized at Road Home Midvale

50 School supply kits assembled

5 Bins filled and sent to other donation centers

100 bags of clothing sorted and organized for

       Sanpete Resource Clothing Bank

100 Letters to deployed Service Members

150 Cards created for Service Members to send


10 quilts made

5 beanies crocheted

1000 food items sorted

500 clothing items sorted

110 breakfasts served

30 Hygiene kits assembled

50 Veterans visited

84 Bags of household items collected and sorted

     for Friends of MS

8 Fleece blankets for Road Home

40 Lunches for families at Primary Children's


1 Baby Blanket made

50 Reusable

120 Businesses visited/handouts for Food Bank donations

29 Fleece blankets for Primary Children's


27 Children's Comfort Monsters for Ogden Police


1400 lbs food collected and donated to OWCAP

      Food Pantry

250 bags of clothing collected

14 boxes of shoes collected

5000 clothing items sorted for Neighborhood 


84 Families Served

316 Individuals given clothing

Community Skating Party to collect donations of

     food and clothing in Tooele

Sorted and folded or hung clothing donations

15 blankets made

1 hat made

Prep Library books for re-numbering at Cove

    Point Living Facility

Visited Seniors

80 Goodies and Thank-you notes for volunteers

Played Bingo with 27 residents at Community

     Living Care Center

17 Personal visits to residents

Cleaned Great Room and organized closets at 

     Community Care Living Center

19 talents performed at Community Living Care 


100 Letters to Soldiers for Project Uplift

20 Games created for Mountainland Head Start

75 Pillows sen for Foster Care Services

31 Fleece blankets made

12 Fleece blankets for Primary Children's


70 Pillow Heart Kits

46 Sport Pillow kits

144 Hot air balloon craft kits

55 Lei kits

108 Greeting card kits for Primary Children's 


75 Pillow cases for Foster Care

160 "Blessing Bags" for Homeless Shelter,Family 

    Support Center, & Children's Justice Center

20 File Folder games created

3 A-Z books created